Milica DUKIĆ (b. 1989, Serbia) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad with Bachelor's and Master's degrees in painting, as well as a Master's degree in drawing. Since 2014, she has been a member of The Association of Fine Artists of Vojvodina, holding the status of Independent Visual Artist. She subsequently joined the Presidencies of SULUV (2022) and SULUJ (2024). Additionally, as an active member of MMC LED Art / Šok zadruga (2013-2021), Milica has been deeply involved in the local art scene for many years, working as a gallerist and participating in various programs. With a wide artistic practice encompassing embroidery, photography, and textile art, she has showcased her work in 15 solo exhibitions and over 100 collective projects. She has a keen interest in inclusive art practices and volunteer work, having served as an art instructor at the Milan Petrović School for persons with special needs on multiple occasions. Milica spent one year in Switzerland (2017/2018) as an artist-in-residence at the Ecole d'Humanité. During this time, besides working in the studio, she gained experience in teaching art courses such as Drawing, Embroidery, and Textile Art. In November 2021, Milica relocated to Jerusalem to participate in a long-term voluntary program working with children and the elderly with intellectual disabilities at the organization AKIM-Jerusalem. Parallel to this, she developed her art practice as a guest artist at the Art Cube Artists' Studios (January-July 2023), focusing on her latest project titled Textile Newspapers. She returned to Serbia in October of the same year and currently resides in Kraljevo and Novi Sad.

                Photography: Tamara Hebert


  • Master's studies at the Department of Arts, Drawing Study group, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad, under the supervision of Professor Olivera Marić Nedić, 2014-2016. Thesis title: 'Of Things.

  • Master's studies at the Department of Arts, Painting Study group, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad, under the supervision of Professor Goran Despotovski, 2013-2014. Thesis title: 'Reverse - Of People.'

  • Graduate Studies, Department of Arts, Painting Study group, Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad, under the supervision of Professor Bosiljka Zirojević Lečić, 2008-2013.

  • Graduate High School of Arts, specializing in restoration and conservation, Kraljevo, 2004-2008.

Solo Exhibitions

  • Textile Newspapers, Artists’ Wall at the Art Cube Artists’ Studios, Jerusalem
  • Textile (Tactile) Newspapers, a collaborative project with Milan Petrović School, The City Library, Novi Sad
  • Superhero, Galerija na štrafti, Novi Sad
  • If Everyone Wore Masks..., SULUV Gallery, Novi Sad, RS
  • Heads or Tails / Kopf oder Zahl, Ruth Cohn Center, Hasliberg Goldern, CH
  • Of Things, SULUV Gallery, Novi Sad
  • Reverse - Of People, City Gallery, Pozega RS
  • Movie Picture and Reality, Izba Cafe-Gallery, Novi Sad
  • Les Envers, The French Institute in Serbia, Novi Sad
  • Reverse - Of People, Shock Collectives Central Gallery, MMC Led Art, Novi Sad, RS
  • Pain is Black, SKC (Student Cultural Center) Fabrika, Novi Sad

Group Exhibitions:

  • The Mangelso Award - Finalists, Gallery Remont, Belgrade, RS
  • XXVII Spring Annals -Despite Everything, KC Cacak, RS
  • The Image of the City, SULUV Gallery, Novi Sad, RS
  • Hand Job: Kaj Vemo o Umetnosti Sodobnega Vezenja, Galerija Janeza Puharja Stolp Škrlovec, Kranj, SLO
  • Hand Job: What We Know About Contemporary Nontraditional Embroidery, Remont, Belgrade
  • Free to Create. Create to Be Free, The Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, RS
  • Art Weekend Belgrade, Hotel Belgrade, RS
  • Hospitable Utopia, Improper Walls, Vienna, AU
  • Youth Biennial, Footnote Center, Belgrade, RS
  • The XXIV Spring Annals - Spaces of Hope, House of Culture, Čačak, RS
  • The 65th Meeting - Art Colony Ečka at Contemporary Gallery, Zrenjanin, RS
  • Gorenje, Šok Zadruga, Novi Sad, RS
  • Do We Know Each Other?/ Czy My Się Znamy?, Book - Art Object 4 (Quadrennial), Gallery Žad, Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrade, RS
  • The Space in Between (Međuprostor), Gallery of National Museum in Vranje, RS
  • The 13th Biennial of Watercolors, Contemporary Gallery, Zrenjanin, RS
  • Space in the Contemporary Art Scene of Vojvodina, Kazamat Gallery, Osijek, HR
  • Take Time for Art and Tea, Galerie Vitrine, Lucerne, CH
  • Encounters, Art Space Augo Avgo, Leonidio, GR
  • The 12th Biennial of Watercolors, Contemporary Gallery, Zrenjanin, RS
  • The 8th Annual Youth Exhibition, Cultural Centre Ribnica, Kraljevo, RS
  • Supplementary Drawing Classes, Pavilion in the Fortress, SLU Gallery, Niš, RS
  • Recognition 3, Art Gallery Nadežda Petrović, Čačak, and National Museum, Kraljevo, RS
  • From Close, From Afar 1914-1918, Museum Macura, Novi Banovci, RS
  • I Know My Limits. That's Why I Go On, The French Institute, Novi Sad, RS
  • Recognition 3, Pavilion in the Fortress, SLU Gallery, Niš, RS
  • November Salon, City Gallery, Kraljevo, RS
  • Differences (Razlike), Student Cultural Centre Fabrika, Novi Sad, RS
  • Youth, Cultural Centre, Vrbas, RS
  • Perspectives 11, Art Klinika Gallery, MMC Led Art, Novi Sad, RS
  • Of People - Organ Vida, Zagreb, HR
  • The Beauty of Diversity, City Hall, Belgrade, RS
  • Periphery, MArt Museum, Rovereto, IT 014-2021, street art performances in Novi Sad, Belgrade, and Niš

Artist-in-residence programs:

  • 03/01-30/06 2023: Art Cube Artists' Studios, Jerusalem
  • 17-24/07/2021: Hospitable Utopia, UVUU Reflektor, Užice (with Improper Walls from Vienna)
  • 01-07/10/2018: FaveLAB, Athens
  • 17/08/2017-30/06/2018: Ecole d’Humanité, Hasliberg Goldern, Switzerland (EVS Project, supported by organizations SCI and VCV)

Public Collections:

  • National Museum Kraljevo
  • Culture Center Kučevo
  • The Image of the City, SULUV Gallery and MMC Led Art, Novi Sad
  • Contemporary Gallery Zrenjanin
  • The Inclusive Gallery - Special Education School Milan Petrović, Novi Sad
  • Ecole d’Humanité, Hasliberg Goldern, Switzerland
  • Art Gallery Kruševac
  • Culture Center Ribnica, Kraljevo
  • Šok Zadruga Gallery, Novi Sad
  • Fondazione Imago Mundi, Italy

Art Workshops, Seminars, Presentations:
/Participating and Leading

2023: Open studio days- Embroidery Workshops during the residency at the Art Cube Artists’ Studios, Jerusalem.
2022: Textile (Tactile) Newspapers-Embroidery workshops and presentation, a collaboration with ŠOSO Milan Petrović, NGO Reaktor, and City Library Novi Sad;
Participating in Constructing Communities workshop run by raumlaborberlin collective, Art Cube Artists' Studios, Jerusalem.
2021: Textile newspapers - Embroidery workshop in cooperation with the school Dr Milan Petrovic, Novi Sad.
2020: Vezvezvezvez - Contemporary embroidery workshops supported by Novo Kulturno Naselje (Supported by Magic Carpets projects); Presentation of artworks development at the Academy of Fine Arts, University in Novi Sad, RS.
2018: Participant at the seminar of alternative policies: Institutional violence and self-defense of society, at CK 13, Novi Sad;
Vezvezvez - embroidery workshop at KC CERKNO (SL);
Ecole circle Meet Up, Presentation of art practice, Bern, CH.;
An educator at one-day Creative workshop (Artistic input for the volunteers), in collaboration with Theater Flucht, at the SCI office in Bern, CH.
2015: Evil doesn't sleep, participation as an artist in the project.
2014: Recognition 3, residence program for curators and artists, Nis and Sicevo, RS. Pannonia art path, IPA project - Lend art, Zlatne Grede, HR, Apatin, and Bac, RS.
2013: Street Balkan Fest, art colony, Tešanj, BIH.
2011: Serate Illuminate PAC 180 (Illumination night), mural workshop, Livorno, IT.
2010: Izbanimaonica, animated film workshop, Izba gallery, Novi Sad, RS.;
Exit Europe, conference on cultural policies in the Balkans, Zagreb, RS.
2009: Art Colony, Rudno, RS.
2006 and 2004: Art Colony, Kovacica, RS.

Awards and Appraisals:

2021: The video "The Creation of a Lightbox for Superhero" was selected to participate in the exhibition "Free to Create - Create
to Be Free," with realization supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.
2020: NGO Novo Kulturo Naselje and Magic Carpets awarded the project "Contemporary Embroidery Workshop Vezvezvezvez" as the best proposal for an interactive community artwork.
2018: Awarded by The Inclusive Gallery, run by Elementary and Secondary Boarding School Dr. Milan Petrovic and supported by the Serbian Ministry for Education and the City of Novi Sad, for the artistic project proposal - exhibition "If Everyone Wore Masks..."
2017: First award for the painting "Three Sisters" at the Annual Exhibition of Young Artists at the Culture Center Ribnica, Kraljevo.
2015: Award at the competition for the production of works of modern art, run by Izba Cafe-Gallery and supported by the City of Novi Sad, for the art project proposal - exhibition "Movie Picture and Reality";
First award for the painting "The Horseman" from the series of work "Reverse - of People" at the Arts competition "Know My Limits. That's Why I Go On" at the French Institute in Serbia, Novi Sad.
2014: Second award for the painting "The Sitting Figure of a Young Man - Darko," from the series of works "Reverse - of People," at The 14th November Visual Arts Salon, City Gallery, Kraljevo.
2013: First place for the series of paintings at The 3rd Annual Youth Exhibition, Cultural Center Ribnica, Kraljevo;
Award from The University of Novi Sad for high accomplishments in the area of Arts for the study year 2012/2013.
2012: "Perspektive11" chosen as one of twelve emerging young artists by Art klinika, MMC Led Art, Novi Sad.

Art Performances:

  • Because of Him and Her - A collaboration with Goran Augustinov, Vladimir Ilić, and Predrag Uzelac. Gallery REFLEKTOR, Užice.
  • 2022 - The Stitch - A collaboration with Asaf Shchori (double bass player), Haya Festival, Jerusalem.
  • TOTAL  ART SALE - as a member of the team of the MMC Led Art Šok zadruga (during the period as an active member from 2014-2021, street art performances in Novi Sad, Belgrade, and Niš)